onsdag 27 maj 2015

Sewol is going up, M/V Estonia is cast in concrete.

Reconstruction of M/V Estonia Part 1.
Working on a new movie!
This is the way the bow visor came loose on M/V Estonia.
Sewol is going up, M/V Estonia is cast in concrete.

This two vessels are kind of similar in size; length, beam & height, well Sewol is a little smaller when it comes to weight.
But Sewol is more difficult to salvage because the water is way more current and almost no visibility at all. M/V Estonia is a on depth 75 meter and Sewol are on about 30 meter. So the circumstance are almost the same in the end.

The strange thing is how people react between Sweden and South Korea, in Sweden we are gonna cast the ship in concrete and in South Korea they gonna take the ship up, they want the passengers to have a honorable funeral, the South Korean want to know what happened. In Sweden we don't want to pick up the ferry, we want to cover it up in concrete.

What happened to my country?
1. How come we become so chicken to salvage the dead people and to find out what happened with M/V Estonia?
2. How come Sweden are going backwards when it comes to value dead people and dissent behavior of dead people?
3. How come we don't want to salvage M/V Estonia and do a respectful investigation? 

Don't Sweden, Finland & Estonia have the knowledge to pick up M/V Estonia?
It scares me that we are going backwards in technology compared to eastern countries, something is definitely wrong!

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