tisdag 20 november 2012

Reconstruction of M/V Estonia Part 1.

Reconstruction of M/V Estonia Part 1.
Working on a new movie!
This is the way the bow visor came loose on M/V Estonia.
Sewol is going up, M/V Estonia is cast in concrete.

I don't believe the way M/V Estonia sank.
I tooked some beer cans, and glued a copy of the M/V Estonia, scale 1/300.
The reconstruction was about to end up badly, I almost fell into the icy waters of the Winter Gulf.

In the future I will try to build a larger M/V Estonia copy "scale 1/50" 3 meters long
and 0.5 meters wide in steel and test it in summer time.
Is there anyone who is interested in sponsoring?

Stay tuned more is coming.
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